What are the ailments cured by the full moon Desi ghee?

Reduce bad cholestrol, Fix Skin disorders, DM, migraine, lupus, digestive disorders, acidity, solve weight issues, cough and cold, sinus.

What are the health benefits of using the full moon desi ghee?

maatrikaa2ghee is being used by many doctors in successfully treating cholestrol, blood pressure , cancer, diabetes on regular consumption of ghee made from desi cow milk curd using traditional process, good amount of weight reduction was noticed within 2 months of regular consumption as prescribed by doctor.

What kind of method is used to set curd?

Traditional method is obtained by activating microorganisms in the milk by natural means like tamarind.

How is it good for your health?

Preparing ghee on full moon day before the moon the reaches its fullness makes the ghee balance kapha, pitta and vatta in our body the slow cow dung fire makes the ghee retain essential nutrients and fatty acids the vilona bilona method makes healthy fats in the ghee that reduce bad cholestrol and increase good cholestrol.

How the desi ghee is made?

Fresh desi cow milk is boiled and set to whole curd using traditional culture. The whole curds is churned with a wooden churner in vilona bilona method (alternate direction churning) to obtain yellow butter the butter is converted to ghee on full moon day on cow dung fire.